Welcome to Northern Pacific Center — with over 47 acres and 250,000 square feet of Historic Railroad Buildings, NPC is not only an icon, but an inspiration.  Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn about our buildings available for commercial lease, our event spaces and general information about our property.

Northern Pacific Center is owned by David Hutton.  You can read a little about us and NPC below.


David Hutton, Owner

Dave purchased Northern Pacific Center in 1992 [with Dick Crandall as his business partner] and has spent the last 25 years completing building and property updates, taking the site from lacking to fully functioning.  The property now has many modern day amenities and upgrade maintenance is happening literally every day.  Dave handles all the leasing details and financials, but highly prefers to spend his time at NPC scaling a roof (yes, really) or other hard labor site work when he is in Brainerd every Thursday.  Dave resides with his wife Paulette in Edina.  Besides owning Northern Pacific Center, he also owns the drainage and excavating company Hutton, Inc.

Aimee Jobe, Operations

Aimee has brought many ideas to the site and even though she changes her mind every 40 minutes about the direction, some of the big ideas are starting to stick and the little ideas show through the small details and upgrades to the property exterior.  The NP Event Space was a idea that has brought new energy to the property and revitalized the whole site.  In 2015, the venue alone will bring 15,000 people to NPC.  Alongside Dave, Aimee continues to move NPC from it's past rough industrial feel to a more beautified, community friendly space.  Aimee also operates her photography business out of the east end of the Clocktower, renovates other spaces at NPC and has plenty of ideas to offer current and potential tenants about space layouts, business thoughts and the full brand experience.


Rick Fargo, Property Manager

Rick has managed NPC since way back in the day...as in the 1990's.  He owns Progressive Property Management and holds the keys to most of Brainerd, with NPC being his most expansive property.  Rick is semi-retired, but is still managing the tenants and daily on-site operation of Northern Pacific Center.

Matt Fargo, Property Manager

Matt currently operates Progressive Property Management out of his office in the Clocktower.  Like Rick, Matt Fargo oversees the everyday communication, repair and maintenance and keeps things running smoothly.  He can be reached at progprop@integra.net, 218-829-0007 or in suite 101 up front. 

Ethan Jobe, The Assistant

Ethan has likely spent a larger life percentage at NPC than anyone else in history, ever...a feat possible due to his young age of just three years old.  But don't let his baby cheeks and cute smile fool you - he can often be found with a tool in his hand and loves his time at NPC working hard alongside Aimee's husband [his dad], Preston.